Darkness of Knights
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 Take me back - The outside world is scary!

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PostSubject: Take me back - The outside world is scary!   Thu Feb 19, 2009 2:20 pm

Hi everyone.

Ive recently gquit Flintlocke and after thinking on it for a few days i want to rejoin Dok as its where most of my warcraft friends are and i miss them lots. I havnt really been feeling at home in Flintlocke since i left Dok anyway and a recent bit of drama over a common sense suggestion made me realise its not the place for me.

Im not normally one for guild skipping and gquits as im sure most of you who have known me for a long time know so i hope you dont think of me as a common guild whore :p

My skills include (but are not limited to)
- Knowing what buttons to press on the forum to make things work.
- Being the first to run and hide at the first hint of horde attack or wipe.
- Consuming large amounts of pizza and beer.
- Playing wow for 3 years and only recently being able to use TAB.
- Aquiring the best gear for my Rogue so that my place on the dmg meters diguises my lack of skill

I shall require a company mount and 22,000g annual salary.

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Take me back - The outside world is scary!
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