Darkness of Knights
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 Humandeath - DK

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PostSubject: Humandeath - DK   Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:01 am

Character name : Humandeath
Class and Gender : Death Knight - Human ( Male)
Level : 80

More personal info :
Name : Teo Asla
Age : 16
Country : Greece

Information on your current build and why some of those choices have been made:

Talent Mitigation : (Duall Specc) Blood ( dps ) 53\0\18 , Unholy ( tank) 23\0\48

About Chosen Spec: Blood specc is like music to my ears Razz imba dps and imba self heal, unstopable killing machine, now about my choice of tanking specc as unholy , when u get to know that specc with the loads of aoes and dot's it makes tanking even beter and imba.

Although this may seem inadequate now we like to know your raiding experiences in all your time playing wow:

I have previously been in the folowing guilds : Andromeda , Anihilators, Chosen , Lost eternity , Decapitators . During my time in Chosen and Anihilators , i acquired experience in both naxxramas 25 and 10 man , malygos 10 man , Obsidian Sanctum 10 \ 25 , and im willing to learn the bosses of Ulduar Smile curently i only know tacts for first boss in 10 man Ulduar. Past Knowledge : I also have experience in Karazhan , ZG, BT.

[tr] -

Information on your current gear and how you would rate it(in terms of raiding at our level / professions you have and why: My Dps Gear Consists of some naxx 10 drops, hc drops and Black Ice from Malygos , My tank gear consists of naxx 25 drops , hc drops .

Sum up your current gear for us: I think my tank gear is better than dps , im trying to stack stamina , agility, dodge , and parry , my dps gear can make 2,6 k dps but i could say that both need improvements ( who doesnt want new gear anyway ? Razz)

You’re Professions: Mining\skining

Why these professions: I used to be miner and leatherworkes but i thought that gatherer would get me more money Smile

What guilds have you been in and why have you left (In all of wow and even on other servers if you’ve just transferred): As mentioned in above i have been in several guilds , My first guild was Lost Eternity in which i learned my basic raiding experience ( i left because the guild disbanded) , Anihilators : There i learned my 25 man raiding experience ( i got kicked out by the GM , reason is i puged Voa >.<), Decapitators : that guild was a new guild the reason i joined that was because one of my friends was the gm there and wanted help ( reason for leaving : merged with chosen ) , Chosen there i learned how to raid Malygos ( reason for leaving : guild disbanded ) , Andromeda : that guild was by far the most fun-raiding guild of all i have joined, i met very interesting and fun people there and i enjoyed my time ( reason for leaving : Gm and vice gm left as long as 40 members of the guild, it was then considered a dead guild )

Times In Which You Can Raid: Andromeda Raiding hours were the best for me , but i wont say no to any other hour.

Greatest achievement in WoW: Bloodsaid Admiral ( just kiding ) meeting very interesting and fun people was my greatest achievment.

Why Do You Want To Join: I love raiding , i crave for it , and you raid a lot Smile

Why should we recruit you: I can tank quit good , dps decently, im a fun person , i never talk back to superiors, i come to almost all raids , and if i dont i make sure to have told a superior at least 2 days ago , i make good friends with people and i want to believe im an enjoyable person.ive served as officer in decapitators, raider in adromeda and Classleader in Lost Eternity.

Anything Else you would like to Add about yourself: I think Arcanite Ripper rox my sox XD ( rocker kid )

Thank you for your time,

Yours sincerely,

Teo Asla A.K.A Humandeath
Anything Else you would like to Add about yourself: Yes , i think the axe called Arcanite Ripper rox my sox XD , ( rocker kid)
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PostSubject: This guy is awesome   Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:04 am

This guy (Humandeath) are a very awesome person, he has been very active from the time i knew him in Andromeda, he is always foccused, and certainly good enough for us (i think xD), he is skilled and geared Smile

Regards Luda Smile
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Humandeath - DK
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