Darkness of Knights
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 Ludacritz - Rogue

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PostSubject: Ludacritz - Rogue   Thu May 28, 2009 12:25 pm

Character Name: Ludacritz
Level: 80
Gender and Class: Dwarf (female xD) Rogue

More personal information about you:
Name: Morten Hvas
Your Age: 15
Country: Denmark

Information on your current build and why some of those choices have been made:

Talent Mitigation: 50/13/7 (Multilate) and 15/51/5 (Combat)
About Chosen Spec: I love the boreness of playing a multilate rogue but still putting 3,5kdps+ and combat is just what i use when i (very rare) run hc's...

Although this may seem inadequate now we like to know your raiding experiences in all your time playing wow:

Pre-Quests: Just been raiding in the guild Andromeda, naxx10 and 25. not much -.-
Past Raid Experience: Kara/Grull/Naxx10+25/EOE10/sartharion10+25/Emalon10+25

Information on your current gear and how you would rate it(in terms of raiding at our level / professions you have and why: My gear is Mixed naxx10+25 gears

Equipment (Link to Armoury):
Sum up your current gear for us:My gears are ok, im Poison-hitcapped and now just stacking AP and AGI. I could offcourse use new items, (every1 can) but thats not why im writting this app, i actually think its freaking funny to raid Smile
You’re Professions: Jewelcrafting+Mining
Why these professions: Actually it where a random lvl 10 choose, im maxed in both and it shows out, that JC is the best raiding proff cuz of 3 freakin' imba gems. Then im also maxed in Cooking, Fishing, and First aid(gosh). and for your information, i have enought mats and fish feasts for atleast 2 months of raiding xD...

What guilds have you been in and why have you left (In all of wow and even on other servers if you’ve just transferred): Only mentionworthy is Andromeda, my good old belowed guild (with Blizzaga and Zuleiman as guildleader). they learned me how to raid for real, (and made me addicted for like 2 months ealier this year)... Left it cause they did, and signing here cuz i need new ppl to raid with Smile

Times In Which You Can Raid: Treat Fanclubs raidtimes suits me pretty much Smile im a schoolchild living at my parents place, so i have no work or anything in the evenings.

Greatest achievement in WoW: i think im gonna say, meeting some ppl that have meant alot to me Smile (lolz)
Why Do You Want To Join: Because, i love raiding, i hunger for it. And then my pals joined your guild, and you raid alot Smile
Why should we recruit you: My DPS is 3k+ in 10mans and even higher in 25, cause i show up at all raids possible, cause im funny, friendly, even funnier, a good player, not slacking, ive been classleader, im making good friends with ppl in no time... online most the time. and that should be it Smile

Anything Else you would like to Add about yourself: yes, i think Sunforged can stand up for me Smile

Have a nice day.

Your Sincerely,

Ludacritz/Morten Hvas.
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Ludacritz - Rogue
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